Fakes, Fantasy, and Counterfeit Chips

There are many chips that appear to be real chips from real casinos, but actually are not. The purpose of this page is to help you identify chips that are known to be fakes, fantasy or counterfeit.


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Note that in some cases not all known denominations/designs are shown if I don’t have the scans.


Please also view articles on Borland Hotstamp Fakes and Osborne Counterfeits which will be added in due course.


Key to codes – (C) = Counterfeit  (F) = Fake  (HP) = Home Poker/Fantasy  (M) = Movie props  (MS) = Manufacturers Samples (ND) = Chips never delivered  (S) = Souvenirs/Promotional  (U) = Unknown.  For information on the codes click here.
20th Century (HP)
Airplanes (S)
Akwesasne (ND)
Aladdin (C)
Aloha Casino (U)
American Cruises Savanna Sun (U)
Apache Casino (HP)
Bally’s (M)
Baucom’s Card Club (HP)
Bear (pic), Teddy KGB (HP)(M)
Bellagio (M)
Bingo Flash (U)
Bird Cage Saloon (S)
Boxer Casino (U)
Buccaneer Casino (S)
Bugsy’s Hideaway (HP)
Camel Casino (S)
Cannabis World Tour (S)
Capitol City Casino (ND)
Capone’s (HP)
Casbah Club (HP)
Casino de Isthmus City (M)(HP)
Casino de Mexico (HP)
Casino de Paris (HP)
Casino Houston (U)
Casino Theme (Chipco) (HP)
Casinos Pagor (ND)
Castaways (HP)
Celebration (HP)
Centerfold (C)
Cleopatra Riverboat Casino (HP)
Cotton Club (U)
Craftsman (S)
Crazy Legs Casino (HP)
Crystal Oyster (HP)
Deadwood Saloon (HP)
Derby Gran Casino (HP)
Desert Palace Casino (HP)
Desert Sands (HP)
Dillinger’s Gambling Hall (HP)
Dirty Dick’s Saloon (U)
Don’s Boom Boom Room (U)
Dunes (HP)
El Rancho Vegas  (2)  (3)  (HP)(F)
Fabulous Las Vegas (HP)
Fan of Cards (HP)
Fantasy Casino (HP)(U)
Flags (HP)
Flamingo Casino (HP)
Foxy’s Firehouse (U)
Football Stars (U)
Fremont (C)
Fuddpucker’s (U)
Gambler’s Pleasure (HP)
Games Theme (Chipco) (HP)
Garrisons (U)
Gold Sky Casino (U)
Gold Winner Casino (ND)
Golden Millennium (U)
Good Luck Casino (HP)
Good Luck Club (HP)
Gunfighter’s Gambling Emporium (U)
Hacienda (C)
Halloween (Chipco) (HP)
Hard 8 (M)
Hard Road (M)
Havana Capri (Cuba) (U)
Havana Riviera (Cuba) (U)
Heads I Win R-rated (U)
Holiday International (C)
Horseshoe Cas. (Gardena, CA) (HP)
Hot Air Balloons (U)
Hot Brods (Chipco) R-rated (HP)
Iditarod (U)
Imperial Palace (U)
Indian Chiefs (HP)
Infinity (HP)
Island Theme (Chipco) (HP)
Jackpot (HP)
Jolly Trolley/Trolly (HP)
Key West (HP)
Kings Crown (C)(HP)
Ladies of Las Vegas (HP)
Ladies of Gaming (HP)
Las Vegas (HP)
Las Vegas Choppers (S)
Las Vegas – City of Lights (HP)
Las Vegas – Good Luck (S)
Las Vegas – Miss Universe (S)
Las Vegas Nevada Casino (HP)
Landmark  (2) (3)(HP)(C)
Le Cove (HP)
Legends Of The West (HP)
Lions Club – Guam (U)
Lone Star (ND)(HP)
Lucky Strike Club (MS)
Marina (HP)
Marlboro (U)
Martini Club (HP)
Medieval Theme (Chipco) (HP)
Mike’s Casino (HP)
Mint (HP)
Mississippi Gambler (U)
Mizpah (C)
Nevada Jacks (HP)(U)
Nautical Theme (Chipco) (HP)
New Frontier (U)
Noble Games (U)
Old West Theme (Chipco) (HP)
Olympics (U)
Palmas Club (ND)
Pappillon Bay (HP)
Paradise Star (M)
Paradise Theme (Chipco) (HP)
Paulson (No Cash Value) (MS)
Pharaohs (HP)
Playboy Chips (U)
Presidents New Yorker (ND)
Pro Golfers (HP)
Pussy Cat A-Go-Go (HP)
Pyramid Casino (HP)
Ramos (Paul-Son) (U)
Red Dragon (M)
Regency Cruises (HP)(ND)
Riviera (U)
Rodeo (HP)
Rounders (HP)
Rounders Card Club (HP)
Royal Crown (HP)
Royal Kings Club (HP)
Royal Flush (theme) (HP)
Sands Hotel (U)(HP)
Santa Fe Casino (U)
Scandia Casino (Norway) (HP)
Shamrock Casino (U)
Shenandoah Casino (F)
Silver Bird (C)
Sierra Nevada (U)
Silver Slipper  (2) (HP)
Sports Theme (Chipco) (HP)
Sports Theme 2 (HP)
S.S. Titanic (U)
Stag Games Theme (Chipco) (HP)
Stardancer (ND)
Sunrise (ND)
Tangiers (M)(HP)
The Treasury (C)
Thunderbird (2)  (3)(HP)(U)
Trans-Am (U)
Trocadero (U)
Tropicana (Habana, Cuba) (U)
Tun Tavern (HP)
Turf Club (HP)
U.S. Generals (HP)
U.S. Presidents (HP)(U)
U.S. Presidents (HP)
Vineyard (HP)
Vintage Cars (HP)
Vintage Planes (HP)
Viva Las Vegas (HP)
W.C. Fields (U)
White House – Shazikou (U)
Winner’s Circle Casino (ND)
World Poker Tour (HP)
Zodiac (S)
Year of the… (HP)
Yukon (HP)
Generics never used in casinos
Generic Value Chips (U)
Generic Roulette Chips (M)
Movie Chips (M)
Other home poker chips
Chipco (HP)
Nexgen (HP)
Other (HP)
Other advertising chips
Various (S)

If you have new photos or corrections to the Fantasy, Fakes & Counterfeits pages,

please contact David Spragg.