Humorous Chip Terminology

The discussions to be heard wherever chippers can be found!


Of, characterized by, or generating (chip) hallucinations, distortions of (chip) perception, altered states of (chip) awareness, and occasionally states resembling psychosis.

One who is addicted to chip collecting.

What happens when you stack your chips too high!

One who “liberates” the oppressed chips of the roulette tables!

1 : The feeling one get’s when receiving loads of yummy chips in the mail.

2 : The taste of anything eaten while browsing The Chip Board.

1 : The art of chip collecting.

2 : The chronic addiction to chip collecting. See Chipaholic.

A sudden, intense, and undeniable urge to buy/trade chips.

When a chip gets lost in the mail.

When someone tries to short you on a chip deal.

Female chipper.

What you are when you’re on the losing end of a chip deal.

The condition of being addicted to chipping. See Chipaholic and Chipalism.

State of intoxication induced by sudden exposure to massive quantities and varieties of chips. Claims many victims each year during June in Las Vegas.

What it takes to satisfy a chipattack.

1 : The practice of altering chips.

2 : Collecting fantasy chips.

One who obsessively collects chips.

One who harvests roulette chips. See Chipalante.

One who is masterfully knowledgeable about chips and chip collecting.

When a chip gets lost in the mail.

1 : One who hordes large numbers of chips.

2 : One who has an extraordinarily large chip collection.

A spouse of a chip collector.

1 : a collector who doesn’t have a lot of chips.

2 : a collector who has a small chipping budget.

A chipper who has been collecting since before the CC&GTCC was formed.

1 : a chip collector who munches chips.

2 : a chip from the south-west U.S

An adjective describing the movement of a Round Robin.

What you get when you’re chiptoxicated walking around a casino with your mouth hanging open.

1 : The feeling one gets missing the CC&GTCC Annual Convention.

2 : The feeling one gets when getting the bad end of a chip deal.

An adjective describing a chip-like object such as a fantasy chip.

What you are when you’ve received a damaged chip.

An exclamation of consternation – like when you see a chip on the floor but someone beats you to it – “Awww chipnizzle!”

An obsessive chip collector (is there any other kind??)

The practice of collecting cruise ship, or “wet”, chips.

Outbidding another bidder on a chip auction at the last minute.

The history and tales of a chip’s travels through sales and trades until it reached your collection.

A male chipper.

The sensation of finding that one chip that you have been looking for to fill a hole in your collection.

Acting giddy or silly after buying or receiving a chip(s) in the mail.

A chip that you need or is so nice that it is worthy of being in your collection.

1 : What happens when your chip case falls open or when your chip stacks fall over. Also see Chipalance.

2 : What can happen to you at the poker table when you have the second best hand.