CCA Life Membership

CCA Life Memberships

Life Memberships are available to any member in good standing age 25 and over after completion of their 3rd full year of regular membership.  The cost of a Life Membership is based on a combination of years of continuous membership and members age (See the chart below).  Life Members are relieved from paying further annual dues, but must pay any magazine mailing charges above bulk mail if desired.

After 3 years of continuous membership:

Age 25-39:  then-current dues times 25

Age 40-55:  then-current dues times 20

Age 55+:      then-current dues times 15

After 10 years of continuous membership:

Age 56-75:  then-current dues times 10

Age 76+:      then-current dues times 5

If you have questions about your membership status or Life Membership eligibility contact your Membership Officer at