2008 Convention Videos

2008 CCGTCC Convention Banquet

The 2008 CC&GTCC Convention Banquet.

1st Timers Convention Workshop by Howdy Herz

1st Timers Convention Workshop hosted by Howdy Herz.

UNLV Center for Gaming Research by David D. Schwartz

A seminar on the UNLV Center for Gaming Research, presented by David D. Schwartz.

Cuba The Caribbean and The CCCC

A seminar on Cuba, The Caribbean & The CCCC, presented by Ralph Pollack & Charles Kaplan.

Life and Times of Slim Ewing by Bill Ragsdale

A seminar about Life & Times of Slim Ewing, presented by Bill Ragsdale.

Preserving Gaming History by Gene Trimble

A seminar on Preserving Gaming History, hosted by Gene Trimble.

Lisa Medford The First Nude Showgirl

Lisa Medford – “The First Nude Showgirl”.